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  • Do you feel like you'll never have a normal relationship with food or your body?
  • Are you having trouble finding a qualified eating disorder therapist in your town?
  • Have you tried other doctors and therapists who either didn't understand your eating issues or worse, blamed you for them?
  • Do you worry constantly about food, weight and calories?
  • Do you avoid relationships and isolate yourself because of food and weight?
  • Has someone you care about told you she makes herself throw up and you don't know how to help?
I will teach you skills and techniques that can immediately provide symptom relief and put a permanent end to your eating disorder. Don't suffer one minute longer.

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"Seeing Lori is the best decision we ever made. Her methods work!”
“My 14 year old daughter was on a fast downward spiral and in a cloud of depression, bulimia, anorexia, and anxiety. Our family unit was in crisis and we all felt lost and hopeless. We had the good fortune to find Lori Osachy. We began seeing her for coaching and brought our daughter to her for counseling. Lori was the first professional to outline a plan of action and gave us tools we could use immediately. She told us that within one year our daughter would most likely be rapidly recovering and might only need her for maintenance. We are delighted to report that within only four months our daughter is once again smiling, eating, talking about her feelings, sleeping, and living her life -free from the grip of her disorders. Our family is happier and instead of concentrating on her pain, we are planning vacations. Seeing Lori is the best decision we have ever made. Her methods work. Her methods WORK! I will be forever grateful for Lori.”
-Mandy, age 54
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I offer a variety of counseling services for those local to the area and anyone out of state. I am available for appointments in-person, on Skype, individually or with your family. No matter where we choose to meet, we will work on your recovery together. Learn More

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If you or your loved one is not able or interested in attending in-person counseling sessions, I offer support and informational products that will assist in recovery from the comfort and privacy of your own home. These tools will help you reach recovery in a way where you feel safe and comfortable. Learn More


Listen in and learn as I discuss topics and problems that I hear about every day during sessions with my patients. My webinars are designed to share insider information, address real life problems and provide support in a non-evasive and comforting manner. Learn More
“You changed my whole outlook on life.”
“Dear Lori, Thank you so much for all that you have done for me. I remember when I first came to see you, my mom loved you and I just didn't wish to be there. But you helped me be a better, happier me. I don't see things so black and white anymore. I am so much happier. You have changed my whole outlook on life. I couldn't have done this without you.”
-Elena, age 13
“Thank you for being the 'life line.'”
“At the age of 15, my beautiful daughter was in the depths of anorexia. Watching my daughter self destruct was scary. Not being able to help... frightening. The extreme weight loss, excessive exercise, panic attacks and worse... Lori was able to gain my daughter's trust and gave us the tools, sound advice and confidence to gain control of her (our) life. Thank you for being the 'life line' that pulled my daughter away from the edge.”
-A Proud and Grateful Father

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Mini-Tip #6 to help heal negative body image

6. Determine if you eat for reasons other than hunger or enjoyment.
Take some of the focus off what you eat, and try to pay some attention to why you eat. Do you seek out food when you are lonely, upset, anxious or angry? If you believe you eat for reasons other than hunger or enjoyment, you may want to seek professional help from a counselor. A diet will pressure you to achieve a body that is unrealistic for the… Continue reading

Mini-tip #5 on how to heal negative body image

5. Stop dieting.
If you are dieting again and again in an effort to lose weight, stop. Diets don’t work, period. They don’t work because diets are based on the concept of denial, and the enjoyment of food should not be denied. Instead, all kinds of food should be sampled in moderation.

Mini-tip #4 to help heal negative body image

Mini-Tip #4:  Buy clothes that fit your body comfortably and express your personality.
Instead of expending precious emotional energy worrying over how to fit into clothes that really are too small, accept your body as it is and give the clothes away. Then take a confidante with you to shop for clothes that flatter you just the way you are. It can be a truly liberating experience!

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